How We Help

Our approach to financial planning and investment management can be encompassed in a simple yet comprehensive formula:


WM stands for Wealth Management—the whole of the work we do for you—and it is made up of Investment Consulting, Advanced Planning, and Relationship Management.

Essentially, our approach means we tend to all the details of your financial life so you don’t have to.


Our Services

Our services include:


Investment Philosophy


We see markets as an ally, not an adversary. History has shown that attempts to pick stock “winners” or to time the market fail to achieve the same returns over time that well-diversified, low-cost portfolios do.

We draw on institutional investors, such as Dimensional Fund Advisors, that share our emphasis on portfolio allocations based on academic research rather than speculation. DFA's mutual funds, in particular, are founded in Nobel Prize-winning research indicating that investments selected for certain market "dimensions" have historically provided superior returns over attempts to time the market or pick stocks. 

Your portfolio will be designed to capture what the market offers in all its dimensions even as it is personalized to your situation, goals, and amount of risk you are willing take.

Your portfolio will be composed of tax-efficient strategies and low-fee investments so you can keep more of your money in your accounts to grow for your future benefit.


Fee Structure:
Avoiding Conflicts of Interest


Our objective is to help you achieve your financial needs and goals, and we can do that only if you trust that our recommendations are in your best interest.

That is why we are independent, fee-only advisors. By eschewing affiliations with brokerage firms and forgoing commissions, we significantly reduce conflicts of interest. What’s more, as a fiduciary, we are legally obligated to always act in your best interest—it is an obligation that we wouldn’t have any other way.

We charge an advisory fee based solely on the assets we manage for you and the service we provide. In that way, you can feel confident that our advice is made in your best interests—not for someone else’s wallet.