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As a fee-only advisory firm, our mission is to help you make better decisions with your money. Whether you find yourself in a complex situation, want to know if you are on track for retirement, or just need to know if you are making smart decisions in today’s environment, we can help.


Who We Help


We specialize in helping individuals and families see the big picture of their finances. We have a focus and experience in working with:


individuals and couples/

Planning for retirement can be overwhelming, but we believe it is a necessary key for financial security. We provide you with tools to help plan for your ideal future. We build a personalized retirement plan that includes investment management and Social Security optimization and strives to make your retirement stress-free and enjoyable.

Florida Retirement System special risk employees

Northstar Financial Planners has an expertise in the Florida Retirement System and can help you navigate your benefit options as a special risk employee. We strive to take the guesswork out of your decisions by giving you straightforward advice on items like pension options and early retirement.

Families of children with special needs

Some families require extra planning, but ensuring everyone in your family is taken care of shouldn’t be a roadblock to success. We will build a retirement plan to help you feel confident in your child’s future without compromising your retirement goals.

How We Help


We want you to feel confident that we are committed to your financial health 365 days of the year. We will take an in-depth look at your concerns and goals, then create a financial and investment road map that helps smooth out the bumps and helps get you where you want to go.